Monday, May 5, 2008

Beach and Tow Trucks

Saturday was Hotchkiss' dorm "luau" at Dockwiler beach, snuggled between LAX and the pacific ocean. About fifty people showed up, and i brought Joey Veloz, a friend from Ibex, as a special guest. We played games, had a sand-hotchkiss building competition, and wrapped up the night with a great bon-fire, complete with spirit filled worship by guitar completed by s'mores. About halfway through the evening, while i was busy building Hotchkiss' stairways out of wet California sand, Betsy Revely started screaming that the police were towing cars up by the road. dashing to my back pack, i grabbed my keys and my wallet and ran across the beach, and up the cliff twords the tow-trucks. during my climb up the hill, i was shocked to see three tow-trucks seize well-parked private property. Upon jumping in my car, and turning the key of my '96 Ford Taurus, i read the radio clock at 6:03 PM. apparently the cops had a different interpretation of the parking sign than most of the people parked by the road, as the sign read "NO PARKING 10 PM TO 6 AM". whatever the cause for the car impounding, i'm glad mine wasn't towed. Praise the Lord.