Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have been writing poetry and lyrics for about as long as i could write, but only recently has this hobby found proper articulation. Here is one of my first poems. It was a breakthrough in writing with clarity. enjoy.

I Am a City Mouse
I am a city mouse
A delightful gentleman
Aware and self-conscious
Behind Plastic frames

Miniver Cheevy died
I drank wine with his ghost
In life he’d have traded his soul
for a Camelot host

The future in my hands—
Past in his dead grasp
For the chain of moments
I pulled him in laps

“Quit this” he spoke
The present revealed
The path became teeth
As he dug in his heels

The teeth drew blood
The apparition concedes
A bargain of providence
And gives me what I need

The future, my bracelet
The past, my collar
I found the chains locked
Stiff from an unseen controller

“Quit this” I called
My expectations deceived
I followed the chain
To see who I see

A thunderous voice
Pealed back my nerve
I gasped as he said
“My son, you’re absurd”

I bent down quickly
He tugged at my leash,
Pulled me eye level
My fangs to His teeth.

The present is mine
You will exist
In my framework of time”

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday Edition: What's in my Pocket?

Howdy, howdy, howdy!

Its time for your favorite periodical update! Tuesday Edition of what's in my pockets?

My Shorts
- $.46 (left over change from 2 dbl cheese burgers from McDees... do the math, that's not an item on the dollar menu anymore... rough times for Ronald)
- A blow pop wrapper from Ester Dennis. I watched House @ RED's tonight. it rocked.
- Lip-Pro Balm. cause it's winter, and my lips will crack if i don't have this stuff. Lip-Pro is a life saver around here.
- My Wallet
- My Keys

My Jacket
- Nothing...lame. i wanted something to get really riled up about or better yet trash talk the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I'm watching ESPN Sportscenter Superbowl coverage and wondering to myself, "when did Amad Rashad's left eye get crazy? i don't remember when, but i feel like it must have happened overnight and he walked into work one day, and his boss was like what's up with your eye? And all Amad had to do was whisper the word, "disability" and his boss never asked another question. lol.

I'm going to build a bunkbed tomorrow. I'm 23. Bunkbed. 23. Bunk. i'll pretend it's like building a secret clubhouse. sweetness huh?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Music Video Monday: Fiction Family

Jon Foreman is one of my favorite Theologians.

ok... well, maybe not. but he is one of my favorite song writers, and he has a new crew. He has collaborated with Nickel Creek's Sean Watkins for two and a half years to deliver their musical love-child.

Many musicians infuse collaborations with their different tastes. It might not be as crazy as the time when Headbanger Dimebag Darell and Country rebel David Allen Coe formed "Rebel meets Rebel" or as lame as Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson embarrassed themselves on National TV, but it is a refreshing Cup O' Muzak.

Check out Fiction Family.


Here's a little interview for those of you who'd like some deeper content... it's like finding Atlantis in a bagel.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Calvanistic Controversial

"Rick Warren is a brother in Christ."

Stop. Think.

How does that make you feel?

Jesus loves him.

What do you think about that?

An unfortunate page in modern Christianity is our criticism of our own.

A prime example is Rick Warren's prayer during the inauguration of President Obama. Driscoll was the only positive religious source i have heard. Thank you for posting this, Mark. I appreciate this encouragement.


Now playing: The Myriad - Forget What You Came For

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday Edition:

it's time for the weekly segment of "what's in my pockets"

Pants Pockets:
- $.30
- Cell Phone with a new voice mail i probably won't check.
- Wallet

That's all folks. looking scant tonight... and tired.

good night.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Temporary Setbacks...

Technical difficulties drew the shutters on my blogging about a week ago when my computer crashed. Despite minor difficulties, i am back online, crashing into the blogosphere like a meteoric crash of a marble into the ocean.

Monday Music video: Johnny Cash "God's Gonna Cut You Down."

Sometimes i sing this song with Johnny, and sometimes Johnny sings this song to me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I can't get enough musical love from Paul Meaney. He was a part of Earthsuit, and now fronts MuteMath with his Smooth magical melodies.

Check out his new song, released a while back... still noteworthy.

Tuesday Edition Of...

I have been trying to think of a consistent feature, so, until i think of something better, i will conduct "TUESDAY EDITION OF WHAT'S IN MY POCKETS?"

Lessee... what do i have in my pocketsess, My Precious???
In my shorts, i have
1. My cell phone
2. Chap Stick Classic
3. An Orange Pen... kinda embarrassing... completely unintentional color selection, trust me...
4. $.71
5. Plastic Tire Tube Cap (i intend to put it back on)
6. My Wallet

In my Jacket, i have
1. A Small Plastic bag
2. A Business card from a guy who designs business cards. check out
3. A hole. just found it.

Welp, that's all from me. Have a great day, and God bless.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Things I'm Excited about.

I'm a little discouraged, so i thought i'd focus on the positive. :)

1. Chasing Cadence is playing winter camp for 168. Super excited about this. i can't wait to see these guys.

interuption: i just saw a commercial for "I Can Only Imagine Deluxe Edition". a couple of songs were, "Thy Word" "Butterfly Kisses" and "I Can Only Imagine". This 90's style cheesy commercial aired on ESPN. Makes me ask myself, "Is Jesus a dorky brand?"

2. My new Roommates. Jared, Josh and Primo.
a. Jared - Seminary guy. good friend. better example.
b. Josh - Post Highschool guy. video editor. pretty quiet.
c. Primo - Editor for local newspaper. Really knowledgeable about everything on CNN.

3. Being a College Grad. No more studies. nuf said.

4. My awesome 5day trip to Colorado with Julie. I couldn't ask for a better trip or better people in my life. Thank you Jesus.

5. Cheap pickins on After Christmas Goodies. i love cheap cookies, panetonie, stolen, ect...

6. ESPN and Free Internet Poker. Good entertainment.

Balance Beam

A convicting illustration by Francis Chan. Love this guy. Thanks for the link, Jared.

Friday, January 2, 2009


My Christian experience has been well guarded in the last year. Propped up by Christian community at TMC, and will soon be legitimized. We all know its easy to be a Christian when everyone around you is walking and talking Jesus too. The props have been removed. No more TMC—Less Christian community and more secular influence. Over the last year, i have found myself less and less involved and in love with the Church. This is pretty involved... i won't go too in-depth, but know that it has to do with my neurotic heart, my unbelief, and my criticism. I have delighted in achieving believer's doubt. I am ambitious to avoid the mass of American Christian hypocrisy.
I want to avoid sermonizing over this issue, but it seems to me there are few authentic believers. I am convinced the only thing worth losing your life over is the gospel. No war, political tie, social movement, or family connection is worth more than the blood of our savior. Wouldn’t it be obvious if Christians believed in losing their lives for the passions of the Cross?

My dear friends, cast your burdens on Christ. He will bring blood to your stony heart. He calls you his brother, and wants to open a room in his house for you. Embrace his community before you seek to find a home on the earth. It’s better with Jesus—better is one day in his courts, Better is one day in his house.