Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Edition: Resume

What's happening? doing good. been really sick lately. (hence the absence of posting)

Tuesday Edition of what's in my pockets
Pants: Blue Jeans

1. Ten ideas from my brainstorming session on fund raising for my Jacksonville Missions trip. Notable Ideas:
a: Open Mic Night
b: Auctioning a Date with Jamison
2. Two quarters
3. A receipt from Starbucks
4. Two ticket stubs from Slumdog Millionaire. I took Julie to see it last night... Good movie. Julie's favorite movie ever. She loved it. :)
5. A receipt from El Pollo Loco. Great chicken. Great chicken. Great chicken.
6. My keys and my wallet.

While I wrote this post, I have been sipping African Red Bush Tazo Tea. It's real good. i've started drinking tea since i started this cold about two weeks ago.