Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A praise song

By John Lafferty

From the roots of the mountains
To the gates of heaven
We have heard your call
The blind ones have seen
The afflicted have been freed
you make your wonders known to all

Beruch HaShem L'Adonai
In every tongue we lift you high
We praise the Lord, sing halelu
Creation's song we return to you

The rocks will cry out
The four winds will echo
The trees will clap thier hands
The clouds will rejoice
The rainbow will lend it's voice
To praise the risen Son of Man

Because of your wonders
Majestic in word and deed
We thank you alone
And if we do not
Nature will gush out
An unrestrained show of love

Deep calls to deep rejoicing
Saints join in and will sing
A thunderous anthem
Like the sound of many waters rushing