Monday, April 30, 2007

Mark Driscol: Admonition of the Church Planter

Mark Driscol, the preacher/pastor at Mars Hill Church offers a relevantly solid approach to American Church planting. Warning: strong admonition disguised as humor.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'm kinda a word nerd. i appreciate wordsleuthery. that was not a word. but this is, and it also has a couple examples of it's usage.

malapropism \mal-uh-PROP-iz-uhm\, noun:
The usually unintentionally humorous misuse of a word, especially by confusion with one of similar sound; also, an example of such misuse.

At 15, Rachel, the whiny would-be beauty queen who "cares for naught but appearances," can think only of what she misses: the five-day deodorant pads she forgot to bring, flush toilets, machine-washed clothes and other things, as she says with her willful gift for malapropism, that she has taken "for granite."
-- Michiko Kakutani, "The Poisonwood Bible': A Family a Heart of Darkness", New York Times, October 16, 1998

He also had, as a former colleague puts it, "a photogenic memory"--a malapropism that captures his gift for the social side of life, his Clintonian ability to remember names of countless people he has met only briefly.
-- Eric Pooley and S.C. Gwynne, "How George Got His Groove", Time, June 21, 1999

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Aftermath of Acedemic Activities

Spring party exceeded my hopes, of course let's just say i had reasonable doubts as to the validity of hoping for much... i still don' think it was worth $50, but i would do it all again in an instant. Lakes played a nice set, but it was kinda awkward, b/c there was a strict "he who shuffles rides the bus home" policy in force. in getting dressed, i was encouraged by my own vanity to attempt a modern/semi-formal look with the imprinted t-shirt and the oxford shirt with a black jacket (not in picture). not completely sure if i pulled it off. (get it?) Julie sported the always fashionable little black dress with flip-flops. She said the girls in the dorm gave her a lot of flack for her choice in foot coverings, but she wanted to be comfortable. Props, Jules, props. Don't the the Man get you down. As i already alluded, Julie Stilson was my date, and we hung out with her roommate Christina with boyfriend Nick, along with Jared, (HLF RA) and his g/f Holly. As i sit here in my bed at 2:45AM, a significant memory is the Koi fish pond which had an extravagant 8ft waterfall, and yet maintained a eerily-placid water surface. Welcome to creepyville, population: fish


I try to write songs... here's one.

threw you away
to make sure you meant more to me
dismantling my dreams
to find the value of the individual pieces
i covered them up
with the dirt of the cemetery
i waited for days

sun and the water and the fertilizer
wind and the rain and the dark horizon
the fullest moon and the coldest dew
when the sun rose up i was looking at you
i grabbed you by the bulb and cut away your roots
i never shoulda, never coulda, neveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer knew.

i ran backwards then
to keep the sandstorm from my eyes
my only friend
was wearing the horns of the devil's disguise
i took my time
trigger, trigger, finger, finger didn't agree
i shot him in the eye


breathing so hard
that the wind couldn't touch me
dodged every drop
of the rain from the angry sky
felt a cold hand
on my shoulder and i stopped on a dime
Grimm reaper said, "boy it's your time"


i kept my smile
i relaxed and i kept my cool
pulled back my hair
i said, Grimm, don't be a fool.
i never died
that girl didn't break my heart
she never loved me from the start

sun and the water and the fertilizer
wind and the rain and the dark horizon
the fullest moon and the coldest dew
when the sun rose up i was looking at you
i grabbed you by the bulb and cut away your roots
i never shoulda, never coulda, never knew it was my heart
it was my heart, it was my heart
it was my heart, it was my heart
that girl never stole my heart

Friday, April 20, 2007

Spring Partay

Tonight is Spring party here at TMC. i'm not big on scholastic get togethers. but tonight will be chill. it's a nice venue and we'll be eating a great meal from what i hear. honestly, i dont really know what to expect. I do know Lakes will be there. the band formerly known as Watashi Wa, and Eager Seas. that'll be tight. really tight.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Concerts, concerts, concerts.

I've been attending shows quite frequently as of late. it's my newest addiction. It's a good thing for it too, because i spent the first two months here at school with less than a dollar in my checking account. (but i payed all my bills and i got to go home for spring break, praise God) In the last 2 weeks, i've seen some of my favorite bands: Switchfoot, Mae, Copeland, and Relient K.

On march 30th, my alibi is the Swithfoot show. As most college kids agree, company at the show is almost if not more important than the show itself, and for this reason this was the most fun i've ever had at a show, ever. did i say ever? cause i meant it. I went with David Zimmer, Stephen Folden and Ryan Patterson. great guys, great show.

last friday, i went to the Relient K show for Jeff Sojka's 16th Birthday with his bro/sis Trevor and Alli, cousin Cameron, and Kyle Ardovanis. During the middle of the set, RelientK chilled out and brought out and had Ethan Luck (guitarist from OC Supertones RIP) play the slide guitar for an acoustic cover of Weezer's "Surf Wax America". That was the highlight of the show.

A passing thought--I got deja vu chills while i was standing outiside the Avalon, right before the concert b/c Kyle Ardo told me it was his first rock show. The reason being that the first conversation i ever had with his dad, Pastor Ardovanis (who is the preacher/teacher at my church, Placerita Baptist Church) which was way back when he was speaking at Camp Gilead during the summer of '05, was about our mutual love for "Sadie Hawkins Dance".

Quote of the Day
"My wife has a open mind and a closed fist." -Alex Granados, Director of Church and Urban Ministries, when asked if he was going to take a date to Spring Party


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I was born and raised on the eastside of Seattle, Washington where I attended First Baptist Church of Bellevue until the age of 11. I was saved and baptized there, and the church played a very dear role in my life. Many men of the church took time to father me because my parents were separated when I was 4, and I didn’t see my dad much, and he’s never been a spiritual leadership figure in my life. My relationship with my father has always been very trying. He was in seminary when he fell out of ministry, so he knows the gospel, and has seen the very power of the Lord and realizes there is a creator god, bur denies his purposes. Until this day, he has hardened his heart against God, and continues in open rebellion, and I pray for God to open his eyes daily.

My family moved a couple of times before we finally got settled down in Ft. Collins, Colorado after my mom remarried. There, my relationship with my step-dad was hard at worst and nonexistent at best. So, I gravitated to my youth pastor, Ed Moran, for spiritual and emotional support. During the summer before my sophomore year of High school, the church confirmed rumors that Mr. Moran had sexual relations with a girl in the youth group. This tore me apart. Up until this time I had always figured that no one could hurt me like my dad had. I was wrong. I continued through High school, and I excelled in spiritual leadership positions as well as a desire to serve God. I served as the captain for our church bus routes to pick up kids for church, and I started to learn how to preach in our preacher-boy program at my Christian school. Then, while in Florida on my senior trip, we received word from back home that our head pastor, Dr. Ken Stephens, had committed suicide without any identifiable reason. I started to feel the pressure of serving God, and at this point I decided I would no longer set myself up to fail Him and others, so I resigned myself to chase a Civil Engineering degree at Colorado State University. Thankfully, God was at work in my heart. He directed me to Camp Gilead our in Carnation, Washington where I had spent many summer days as a child to serve as a counselor. It was in this gospel rich environment that he called me to his will. During my second summer of counseling, God made it miraculously clear that I was not serving him with my whole heart; I was only serving him where I was comfortable. I was always afraid of falling out of ministry, of carrying on a legacy of failure and reproach like those men ahead of me. That summer I yielded to him my fear and doubt in myself, and within two weeks it was painfully clear that I had been running from his will, and I was called to serve him in full-time ministry. The verse I have held on to trough this proving of my faith is I Corinthians 10:13, “There is no temptation taken you except that which is common to man, BUT GOD IS FAITHFUL, and will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation also make a way of escape that you may be able to endure it.” Upon this verse, God has forged my fear of failing into a faithful walk and a dependence on Him to keep me from falling, knowing that there are no new temptations to him.

Currently, I am a student at The Master's College, pursuing a degree in Bible Exposition to equip myself from the Word of God, by the best teaching possible in order to serve Him—not only passion and zeal, but also wisdom according to knowledge.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Where In The World Is Grandpa SanDiego?

Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it in a pot in SanDiego.

If i could sum up this weekend in one word, it would be marinade. Cuase that's what i did. i spent the entire weekend substituting coffee for sleep, and allowing my adrenal glands to recover from the last three months of caffiene abuse. So, naturally, the first two days i spent my time pretending like i didn't have a headache because i'm not a coffee junkie going on withdrawals. Denial is a river in africa.

I love board games. My favorite is Settlers of Catan. it combines the landscape of war hammer with the expansion of the railroad classic, Robber Barron combined with a overaggressive trade-based economy. In engish? push or pin your opponents and take the open land and resources to build an empire of cities and roads. SHAZZAM. The reason i mention board games is because i wanted an opportunity to boast in my win of RISK when i came from behind to crush Rick D., Matt E., and Adam C.; a coupla guys from my floor in Hotchkiss. I like winning; is loving to kill your opponents in a war-based board game considered blood lust?

The rest of the weekend was spent viewing animals at the San Diego M[W]ild Animal Park, Playing the name game, highlighted by two Jenisons, and bruising my shins when i learned how to skim board. [if you know, you know.] i think it should be called shinless boarding...


Thursday, April 5, 2007

Absurd Christian Hallelujahs

Here's a good read; Christian Devotedness.
I've never seen anyone kick against the pricks as much as i observe Christians serving their Christ. And this one thought seems to be a great lesson the church needs to learn, just as i am learning now. Security and safety are not equal to Godliness. How can we be in the will of the Master if we are only willing to serve him where we are comfortable? Wealth is not equal to Godliness. We are all aware that Joel Osteen wants us to have our best life now, but God graciously offers us our best life in eternity. So many Christians settle for a unfulfilled life, watered-down Christianity, and we all know what it sounds like, "God blessed us with a new yacht/house/Cadillac/Rolex." Not that these things are sinful or a barometer of one's heart condition, but if they are loved more than Christ... Oh, may it never be. Jesus said of a rich young man, "How hardly shall they that have riches enter the kingdom of God." (Matt 10) In the suggested reading above, Anthony Norris Groves points out that Jesus did not say how hardly shall this rich man enter the kingdom of God. Clearly, it was not a personal sin issue, it was the accumulation of wealth. wealth brings comfort, peace of mind and security. these are America's red, white and blue. Are these colors worth bleeding for, or should we follow Him who bled for our eternal security? How much more should we, without the form of deity, but only image bearers of God, be willing to die. Most Christians would die for Christ, and as Rick Holland said in chapel yesterday, 4/4/06, few Christians would be able to live in poverty, torture, or emotional turmoil. So, we are willing to die for Christ, but unwilling to live for Him. Tomorrow is Good Friday-the day my Savior died. The next thought is REVOLUTIONARY. Jesus did not give up all on the cross. He gave up all in life. He was sinless.
He washed feet.
He almost completely eliminated disease in Galilee.
He shunned temptation.
He kicked it with his disciples all the time just to see them love God more.
He smiled at children.
He made fun of the Pharisees.
He never checked out girls.
He never kicked a dog.
He never exaggerated or generalized.
He honored his mom by keeping a party rolling with some great wine.
He never faked a smile to make someone like him, yet he had crowds and crowds of people following him everywhere he went.

Jesus was a man's man. He died having truly lived. This is why his death is my highest example of life, and his wounds are filled with my hands as i constantly prove him again and again. This is why i morn His death. I embrace Him because He was willing to let the silence of death suffocate his perfect life. Oh so perfect, oh so attractive, oh so angelic.

"Jesus, I my Cross have taken
All to leave and follow thee."
~Henry Francis Lyle