Sunday, July 26, 2009

How He Loves Us

As i post this, i am moved to repent.
I do not love him the way i should.
I love other things more.
Like a child i play in the mud of wordliness and stain the beautiful raiment he has clothed me in.
I trivialize his affections.
Let me be candid, i take his love for granted.
I'm comfortable with the immense weight of all eternity hidden in the recesses of my heart.
Yet every time i desire to wet my tongue with his grace, he unleashes a torrential stream of love from his eternal storehouses.
His love is amazing.
I still have little faith.
I try to do his will for him.
I am content for him to have his way as long as i am on the committee that makes the decisions.
I am obsessed with 'making up' for his 'mistakes'
Oh, God, wait a second... you forgot something here. Let me fix it for you.
As if i could hold the burning stars in place with my right hand,
or even hold my loose teeth in my fleshly gums with my designs.
I repent.
Renew my affections for your ways.
Break this heart in me.
Take me to your temple.
Let your praises echo in your sanctuary.
I will be spent in your service.
Then, you will no longer be jealous for me.

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